What Problems PracticeFlo Solves

PracticeFlo allows every member of the accounting firm to focus on the work that matters most while allowing them to do that work faster. In addition, PracticeFlo automatically time tracks work that’s being done, streamlining timekeeping and eliminating underbilling.

Eliminate Unnecessary Admin On Every Engagement

PracticeFlo organizes files, emails and communications into virtual workspaces and automatically tracks the time you spend on every engagement or task. With a built-in workflow engine fast-tracking internal communication your firm will collaborate better and complete work faster than in the past.


Have More Time To Build Your Practice

PracticeFlo provides an at-a-glance understanding of engagements, clients and deadlines with real-time accuracy and accountability. With deadlines, budget and WIP information connected in one place, work flows smoothly through the office and is completed on time.

PracticeFlo includes customized reporting with all the reports you need pre-installed for period end, sales and clients. You will have all tools you need to monitor and improve your practice and staff.


Reduce Staff Stress and Improve Customer Service

With information where you need it and files never lost you will improve the speed and quality of service to your clients while reducing admin and stress on your staff.


Eliminates Inefficiencies In Your Firm’s Key Processes

See what your team is working on, and collaborate effectively with Task Reporting and Communications logs. Interact with clients in a few clicks. Communicate with clients safely—from anywhere at anytime—using our secure portal, vShare.

Streamline day-to-day tasks. Streamline day to day tasks so you have more time to grow your firm.


Get The Help You Need When You Need It

With comprehensive training, data services, and industry-leading support. Get unlimited access to training and support resources when you need them. Benefit from in-person or remote training tailored to your firm.

Use advanced data migration and our data cleansing services. VohCom will help transition your firm’s critical information at the time of installation.

Your success is our priority. Our training and support will assist you in mastering the software and following the best practices of successful practitioners.

“Vohcom has not only helped me consistently grow my business by more than 15% per year, it has helped me sleep at nights knowing that our client’s deadlines are being met.”

– Scott Furlonger, Furlonger and Associates

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PracticeFlo Cloud-Based?

Yes. PracticeFlo is a completely serverless cloud-based software.

Is PracticeFlo Canadian?

Yes. PracticeFlo was developed by VohCom Software Inc., a Canadian software company based in Surrey, British Columbia

Are PracticeFlo servers based in Canada?

Yes. All data for PracticeFlo are on Canadian servers in compliance with CRA data sovereignty policies.

Does it work with CaseWare, TaxCycle and the other softwares I use?

Yes. With PracticeFlo you can launch, save or send any file (and save time doing so with it’s embedded document management system).

Can I continue using my current time and billing process with PracticeFlo?

Yes. PracticeFlo allows you to export all time tracking reports to .xls and .csv to import into your current time and billing software. However, utilizing the time and billing embedded in PracticeFlo will save you time and reduce your overall software investment.

PracticeFlo is a practice management, workflow and time system which allows firms to streamline and accelerate the pace of work while automatically tracking time. The combination of features increases the productivity of every member of the firm while eliminating missed billing opportunities.

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