Top 10 things your workflow software needs in 2022

1) The Ability to Organize and Prioritize Work

Your workflow software should allow you to quickly understand the work you need to do while providing you the ability to organize and prioritize that work. In addition, your workflow software should provide workspaces which organizes information and files so you can focus on your work and do it faster.


2) Automatic Time Tracking

Automatic time tracking saves your firm time by tracking your time and makes underbilling a thing of the past. The increased accuracy of automatic time tracking will reveal additional billing opportunities for every member of your firm.


3) Embedded Document Management

An embedded document management system allows firms quick access to the files and information needed to complete work on an engagement. A typical accountant deals with several thousand files a year and can save 10-20 seconds every time they open, send or save a file.


4) Security

Accounting firms must ensure their data and client data is stored and saved in a manner outlined by their federal and local regulations. Failing to do so puts your data at risk and puts your firm at risk for fines and legal liabilities.


5) Ability to Monitor Staff Bandwidth

Your workflow software should allow you to quickly understand what work your staff are working on and how much bandwidth they have for more. Workload and bandwidth details must be available in your workflow software and updated in real-time throughout the day.


6) Minimize Use of Other Software

When communicating and time tracking on an engagement or file time is lost every time an accountant switches programs. Ensuring your workflow software has the features you need communicate, launch files and time track minimizes your overall software investment while allowing you to work more efficiently.


7) Ability to Quickly Review Key Details

Your workflow software should give you quick access to details about your firm, staff and engagements and let you understand that information at a glance. Ensure your workflow software gives you the information you need and that it’s fast and easy to find.


8) Remote & Mobile Access

Accountants are increasingly working on the road or at client offices while working on engagements. Having the ability to access client information from cell phones and tablets will be key in increasing speed of service and improving staff convenience and satisfaction.


9) Futureproofing

Leveraging the power of other applications through integration increases efficiency. Be sure your workflow software is designed to integrate with the other software you use.


10) Easy to use and understand

The days of complicated, nuanced accounting software which require days to months of training are long gone. Your workflow software should be easy to use and navigate and follow standard conventions of cloud-based software. An intuitive software will reduce training costs and errors and allow you to focus on your work.

PracticeFlo is a practice management, workflow and time and billing system which allows firms to streamline and accelerate the pace of work while automatically tracking time. The combination of features increases the productivity of every member of the firm while eliminating missed billing opportunities.

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