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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PracticeFlo Cloud-Based?

Yes. PracticeFlo is a completely serverless cloud-based software.

Is PracticeFlo Canadian?

Yes. PracticeFlo was developed by VohCom Software Inc., a Canadian software company based in Surrey, British Columbia

Are PracticeFlo servers based in Canada?

Yes. All data for PracticeFlo are on Canadian servers in compliance with CRA data sovereignty policies.

Does it work with CaseWare, TaxCycle and the other softwares I use?

Yes. With PracticeFlo you can launch, save or send any file (and save time doing so with it’s embedded document management system).

Does PracticeFlo Include Invoicing?

Yes. PracticeFlo is a complete system for invoicing, receivables and receipts.

Can I continue using my current time and billing process with PracticeFlo?

Yes. PracticeFlo allows you to export all time tracking reports to .xls and .csv to import into your current time and billing software. However, utilizing the time and billing embedded in PracticeFlo will save you time and reduce your overall software investment.

PracticeFlo is a practice management, workflow and time and billing system which allows firms to streamline and accelerate the pace of work while automatically tracking time. The combination of features increases the productivity of every member of the firm while eliminating missed billing opportunities.

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