How PracticeFlo Works

Automatic Time Tracking

In PracticeFlo time is automatically tracked to every engagement you’re working on. You’ll save time tracking time while eliminating missed time entries and underbilling.


Accelerating Workspaces

PracticeFlo provides the best workspaces for accounting firms today with everything you need just a few clicks a way. You can open files, send work, look up client information – and much more – with just a few clicks.

PracticeFlo also acts as a launching pad for your favorite programs and websites saving you time anytime you use your tax or working papers.


Engagement Templates & Workflow Ribbon

PracticeFlo provides over 50 templates your firm can use to organize and standardize your engagements and allows you to create as many custom templates as you desire. You will understand the status of every job at a glance and update when needed with a simple click.

Project and Firm Management

The action list gives you the ability to quickly understand the organize the work you’re managing or doing and ensures that everything gets done on time. With deadlines, WIP, engagement status readily available you will be able to prioritize when work needs to be done.


Client Information and Dashboard

Everything you need to know about the work you’re doing for a client or the work you’ve done in the past is readily available. You have fast access to invoices, statements and CRM and can even quickly drill down to the time reports for the job


Embedded Secure File Sharing

Clients and regulators expect a higher level of security for transferring information that includes financial information, contact details and social insurance numbers. Share is integrated directly into PracticeFlo so you’ll save time securely sending and receiving files.

“Vohcom has not only helped me consistently grow my business by more than 15% per year, it has helped me sleep at nights knowing that our client’s deadlines are being met.”

– Scott Furlonger, Furlonger and Associates

PracticeFlo is a practice management, workflow and time and billing system which allows firms to streamline and accelerate the pace of work while automatically tracking time. The combination of features increases the productivity of every member of the firm while eliminating missed billing opportunities.

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