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PracticeFlo is a practice management, workflow, and time system which allows firms to streamline and accelerate the pace of work while automatically tracking time.

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Our Story

In the accounting world time is always of the essence.  Freeing up time gives us the opportunity to improve and grow our business, spend more time with family and friends, or enjoy some well-deserved R&R.

When we designed VohCom Page we expected to create time-savings for my firm by creating a perfect paperless office.  What we didn’t expect is that Page would not only save us time but allow us to improve service and recover more for the work we were doing and act as a growth engine for our business. Page has helped my firm grow from a 9-person firm in a small town to an 80-person firm with six locations across BC and a head office in Vancouver.

The automated time tracking made us realize that we were under billing for each member of the firm. Throughout the year we were all doing work without accurately accounting for it in our timesheets and billing opportunities were missed.  Now, with Page, underbilling is a thing of the past – time is tracked automatically and accurately and we recover more for the work we do.

The bottom line increases we achieved with Page have been mirrored now in firms across Canada. Our users have uniformly realized revenue increases – in some cases of over 20%!

We understand the needs of accounting firms are ever-evolving and continue to develop the software to meet those needs. Since introducing Page we have engaged our clients and leading firms across the country to create a development path to ensure Page remains a flexible platform that stays current and easy to use.

More recently, we began the process of redeveloping Page into a Cloud product called PracticeFlo.  PracticeFlo will ultimately provide all the benefits of Page on a platform that is more intuitive, easier to use, and will integrate with the new cloud and mobile technologies we’re seeing in the industry.

As an accountant with an interest in software, I understand the meaning of excellent training, support, and customer service and can assure you ours is the best.  Whether you’re in the thick of tax season or need a refresher in the fall our team is ready to assist with an unmatched level of understanding and care. Our training will assist you in following the professional best practices followed by all of the successful practitioners.

“Vohcom has not only helped me consistently grow my business by more than 15% per year, it has helped me sleep at nights knowing that our client’s deadlines are being met.”

– Scott Furlonger, Furlonger and Associates

Why PracticeFlo?

The best way to see how Page and PracticeFlo will help you provide timely service, be in control, and increase profitability is by a live demonstration

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PracticeFlo Cloud-Based?

Yes. PracticeFlo is a completely serverless cloud-based software.

Is PracticeFlo Canadian?

Yes. PracticeFlo was developed by VohCom Software Inc., a Canadian software company based in Surrey, British Columbia

Are PracticeFlo servers based in Canada?

Yes. All data for PracticeFlo are on Canadian servers in compliance with CRA data sovereignty policies.

Does it work with CaseWare, TaxCycle and the other softwares I use?

Yes. With PracticeFlo you can launch, save or send any file (and save time doing so with it’s embedded document management system).

Can I continue using my current time and billing process with PracticeFlo?

Yes. PracticeFlo allows you to export all time tracking reports to .xls and .csv to import into your current time and billing software. However, utilizing the time and billing embedded in PracticeFlo will save you time and reduce your overall software investment.

PracticeFlo is a practice management, workflow and time system which allows firms to streamline and accelerate the pace of work while automatically tracking time. The combination of features increases the productivity of every member of the firm while eliminating missed billing opportunities.

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